VIDA is characterized by its impressive strength and it is ideal for installation in highly-beaten areas. Its C-shaped fibers ensure a good recovery after the tread and provide VIDA with a leafy and durable appearance.

VIDA is equipped with “Total Drainage Technology” and “Antibacterial Technology”. Technology designed for your pet.

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“Vida” means life in Spanish: Give VIDA to your garden. It is a lawn model characterized by its impressive strength and is ideal for applications in any highly circulated garden. Its “C” shaped fiber makes VIDA recover its fibers quickly after walking on them. Its matt green tone combined with a brown and beige curl make it the perfect lawn for the aesthetics of your garden, thanks to its matte green tone you will achieve a realistic look for your garden.


Gardens and terraces

Swimming pools


Public areas



Solar Protection Technology

Maximum protection against solar radiation, high protective capacity that will ensure greater durability outdoors.

Stop Fire Technology

Flame retardant and resistant to high temperatures, it does not spread the flame, the fire extinguishes thanks to the materials of its fibers. Suitable for domestic use and all kinds of events.

Antibacterial Technology

Hygienic and anti-bacteria. Avoid the accumulation and reproduction of bacteria, worms or insects.

Recovery Technology

Composition of the grass and shape of the fiber that keep it upright facilitating its immediate recovery to the tread.

Natural Fiber Technology

The composition of this fiber helps to disperse the ultraviolet rays getting a lower degree of reflection of the light and therefore achieving a more natural effect.

Total Drainage Technology

Maximum drainage of water, resists rain and prevents the production of puddles and other adversities. It ensures its habitual use in the most optimal conditions.


Roll Layout

Product weight

2.200 gr/m2

25m long

2m width

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