Interior design

Decorate your personal or professional space with a touch of originality, aesthetics and well-being.
Reinvent yourself with creativity.



Our models of artificial turf for interiors are designed to provide maximum softness to the touch and to the step, giving naturalness to a custom made, modern installation and to your own taste.

They are very versatile as a technical and decorative element, being able to adapt to any type of surface, in a home, children’s area, work or business office, and thanks to its technology it recreates us of greater visuality and comfort to be able to enjoy a warm atmosphere, personal and natural.

In addition, it is an artificial turf that hardly needs maintenance, neither to be watered nor cut, saving us cost and time.



The artificial turf for interior design presents a series of advantages that make it an ideal option to install:

It does not need to be cut, watered or fertilized, which means saving time, water and other maintenance costs.

eurocesped® has superior quality models that guarantee a natural-looking and long-lasting installation.

Minimum maintenance

It does not need to be cut, watered or fertilized, which means saving time, water and other maintenance costs.

Versatile and easy installation

Its placement is a comfortable and fast process, being able to be installed in all kinds of gardens and terraces, balconies and attics.

Perfect aesthetics

Presents an always green appearance, an impeccable end result given its careful aesthetics.

eurocesped® guarantee

We manufacture our artificial turf with high technology that avoids possible setbacks. However, we have an 8 year warranty so you can enjoy it with peace of mind

Of your interest

Can it burn if a cigar falls?

No. Artificial turf does not spread the flame, it extinguishes itself. Being totally fit for this use.

Will it affect you to have tables, chairs or furniture on top?

No. In eurocesped we have specific models for these situations that have a greater recovery to the tread and therefore are 100% compatible with any furniture, table or chair that can be put.

Is it hygienic?

Yes. Our artificial grass is made of polyethylene so it does not accumulate bacteria, worms or insects. It is more hygienic than natural grass or a carpet, and is also easy to clean.

It’s soft? Can it irritate your skin?

eurocesped® has a super soft range with a pleasant touch, even more pleasant than that of natural grass. They do not irritate the skin at all and are suitable for use by children of all ages.

Other Usual Uses

Gardens and Terraces

Swimming pools


Public areas


Other collections

Our artificial turf for sports facilities.

Our artificial grass for playgrounds

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