Innovation, profitability, commitment and demonstrable quality

eurocesped® is born with the mission of deeply innovate the artificial turf sector, constantly developing new products and offering at hand, integral and successful solutions. We make a reality the process of designing and selling high quality artificial grass at an affordable price, with perfect aesthetics, socially and environmentally responsible.

Its own personality

eurocesped® is a brand of the E-Dea Innovation group, dedicated to the design, development and manufacture of artificial turf at an international level. Each product we have designed has developed its own personality to meet your needs and those of your customers. As a result of our long career, we have developed a great experience in our sector that, together with our constant need for innovation and an inexhaustible curiosity for the needs of our clients, have made Eurocesped® the company of today: one of the leading marketers of artificial turf.


Our mission is to innovate and revolutionize the artificial turf sector, taking care of the satisfaction of our distributors in attracting the final client. Therefore, we are visionaries, innovators and committed to the communication and marketing of eurocesped®, constantly developing new product ranges and offering close and accurate after-sales solutions.


We believe that it is possible to design and sell quality artificial turf at an affordable price and in a socially responsible manner. Our vision is to become leaders in the sector and increase our presence in foreign markets with growth potential, adapting to the reality of each country and each distributor to offer unique and successful solutions.


Know more about our artificial turf

Knowing the origin of a good artificial turf is essential to know its quality and guarantee. At eurocesped® we tell you everything you need to know to choose a good artificial turf.

Fabrication process

The artificial turf manufacture is a complex process taking care of the smallest detail and maintaining an exhaustive quality control, in order to launch an artificial turf which is safe to use and which allows saving money, one of its greatest advantages.



At eurocesped® we design and manufacture our artificial turf using the most advanced technologies

Solar Protection Technology

Maximum protection against solar radiation, high protective capacity that will ensure greater durability outdoors.

Recovery Technology

Composition of the grass and shape of the fiber that keep it upright facilitating its immediate recovery to the tread.

Natural Fiber Technology

The composition of this fiber helps to disperse the ultraviolet rays getting a lower degree of reflection of the light and therefore achieving a more natural effect.

Stop Fire Technology

Flame retardant and resistant to high temperatures, it does not spread the flame, the fire extinguishes thanks to the materials of its fibers. Suitable for domestic use and all kinds of events.

Antibacterial Technology

Hygienic and anti-bacteria. Avoid the accumulation and reproduction of bacteria, worms or insects.

Soft Fiber Technology

The composition and shape of its fiber achieve maximum softness and comfort. Pleasant to touch, it avoids skin irritations.

Anti Static Technology

Avoid discharges, preventing the development or accumulation of static electricity. Suitable for intensive use of the installed area.

Total Drainage Technology

Maximum drainage of water, resists rain and prevents the production of puddles and other adversities. It ensures its habitual use in the most optimal conditions.


High quality demonstrated, a guaranteed decision

In addition to the built-in technology, our artificial turf is also subject to a series of requirements to ensure an optimal level of safety and usability.

ISO 9001

This certificate guarantees our customers that the eurocesped® products have passed all the quality controls required by the European Union.

ISO 14001

All the products of the eurocesped brand are manufactured in compliance with this European regulation that guarantees a minimum carbon footprint in all processes of the factory, clean production and work procedures in our offices with a low environmental impact.

CE Marking

It is the testimony of the manufacturer that your product meets the minimum legal and technical requirements in terms of security of the Member States of the European Union

Associated entities

We have R & D facilities that have the most current testing equipment, raw materials and technology to develop products that comply with all regulations.

Social Responsability

From eurocesped® we help children to access the school so that, through education and sufficient food, they can advance and progress.

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